Alien Crustaceans?

I duckdive and stick my head into a little cave. It’s covered in soft corals and weed and stinging hydroids. A flash of movement, and it seems to be a pair of claws waving about it, but it’s so well camouflaged it’s hard to tell. I get closer, and I recognise little eyes peering out at me.


Eyes and claws. Is it a crab or some kind of out-of-this-world alien? Am I snorkelling on a reef in Thailand, or floating in space?

I swim over to another coral bommie. Bright orange and pink polyps cling to their limestone skeleton, and I have a moment of déjà vu. Movement. Eyes. I’ve found another alien crustacean hiding in the coral crevices.


And so my morning goes. So many weird and wonderful sea-critters lurking amongst the rocks and coral.

(For more of our travels to Thailand and the cool stuff we’ve seen underwater, head over to our sailing blog, the Alpha Odyssey).

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