This week’s photo challenge is “heritage”. I’m a Scottish-born Australian, but after working in a number of remote aboriginal communities, I’ve developed a strong interest in the heritage of Australia’s first peoples.  All over Australia, Dreaming stories tell of the ancestor spirits who created the land and everything on it. Some of these creation stories have been recorded in amazing cave paintings.

The feature photo is from a cave near Deep Well in the Northern Territory (on a back road between Titjikala and Santa Teresa), which I was lucky enough to visit in 2015.

I’ve also recently visited rock art in Nara Inlet in the Whitsundays, and last year in Laura, far north Queensland (which is listed by UNESCO in the top 10 rock art sites in the world). Some of the art is over 30,000 years old!  If these caves could talk, imagine the stories they would tell. We are blessed to be able to get a glimpse via the rock art.

A quinkan (spirit being) in Laura, QLD

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