Precious Things

When I was little, I loved treasure hunts. We’d dress up as pirates, and with a hand-drawn map, march ourselves around the back yard looking for a shoe box filled with “treasure” (an odd assortment of marbles, lollies and chocolates, little shells collected at the beach, feathers and sticks, or whatever was lying about). X marked the spot!

As I got older, that morphed into more of a scrapbook-cum-diary where I would paste in magazine collages of the latest craze, movie ticket stubs, or postcards from friends or notes from boys. When I started travelling overseas, it morphed again into a travel journal, meticulously recording the sights, sounds and smells of my wanderings. And all the while I would jot down observations, or cool quotes or just random stuff I wanted to remember.

Then two things happened:
(1) everything started being digitised; and
(2) I moved onto a boat (where space is a limited commodity!)

So the next logical step was to digitise my scrapbook-journal-thingies. Enter “the blog”.

I actually already maintain two other blogs – basically my digitised travel journals (see my About page for more info) – but this one is just for all my other precious things. A place to muse. To share my thoughts on books I’m reading/podcasts I’m listening to/television or movies I’m watching. A place to observe the world, and celebrate its miracles of nature or lament its destruction by the human race.

This is my personal space. It’s a place to practice my writing and share my photography … and feedback is welcome on both. But I’m not trying to “grow readership” or “brand” myself, or any of that. I’m just “putting it out there” for anyone who might feel so inclined to share some of their preciousness as well.


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